Here is what some of Jane’s Clients have been kind enough to say about her

    • “We have worked with Jane Latto for three years now. She is a great talent who always delivers our projects on time and on budget. She can handle a simple narration or those with complex terminology with equal ease in her classic British delivery. Jane is a consummate professional whom our clients love and we love working with. It’s this simple: If you’re looking for a real pro who can deliver, hire Jane.”

Dustin R. Ebaugh, President, TVandRadioVoices.com


    • “You are a STAR! Thank you”

Rowan Banks, Apricot Productions


    • “I have just completed the video to this and your voice-over works a treat. I’ll be sure to use you again for future projects.”

The Mad About Group


    • “Thank you so much, we really like your work.”

Reandevou Softwear


    • “We here at Unity appreciate the speed and quality of your service.”

Unity FM


    • “You will be my first choice for a British accent. Thank you so much.”

Tim Potts, Telephonetics


    • “Thank you for going the extra mile. It is most appreciated. The recording sounds great. Thanks once again.”

Eunice Atieno, Gestone International


    • “Thanks for being so efficient!”

Ben Kupfer, Film & Video Production & Post